Text zur Peacewave 2023

Open windows open doors
don’t stay in the hard mind you have thrown over the world
open all windows all doors all fences all frontiers
let us take the stones for building houses, homes for all kids on earth
no one really wants to throw the first stone, so let it pass,
maybe everyone wants to lay down the first stone of a home!
let us overcome the years of thrown stones against children, against our next, against our heart, our life
open the prison walls against the truth tellers like Julian Assange and all the other humanright fighters against the women against life
we do not need martyrers anymore, because we do not believe in the power of selfmade scaffoldings built by us out of fear
we do not need to kneel down infront of pietas we put on a throne, women with their dead child love beloved once

we have to change now let the beauty of life live, the hair open in the wind expose the faces free to encounter
we can look in human eyes out of our human eyes we can let others look into our eyes because what shall they find except humanity

Our will to be cold, to be hard….we have to stop talking tough to each other
we need to stop to insist on our own plans and opinions how it should be done we
should open ourselves for the flowting open ourselves to thepower of being nice, to the power of beauty,the beautythat isw healing and calling us we should open our hearts and mind and the deep thankfullness will take away the wooden bar infront of our eyes, infront of human beings, infront of all kids

our hands streching up to the sky and we are trying to bring the white dove back with the oilbranch has to come again. To find a home for all kids on earth, it is so difficult it needs so much it needs all our love our patience our will to the thruth our will to change our courage to take responsibiliuty without knowing the future without knowing who they are who we are ourselves and where we come from and where we go to,,our courage to go step by step in the direction of light and love trustfull in the life we got and thankfull
it is the most difficult one can do to provide a home for kids please let us all think and work to give all children a home every child on earth is a child of mankind so it is a child of us
then there will be no time for war for hate no time for killing natur no time for making profit there would be only time to look for this lillte light,ittle love, little beauty, to feel home
and we would stop the circle of trauma the ciircle of hurt the circle of blood and tears and we will open our heart to be ready for peace thank you so