Mrs. Priti Patel

Cologne, 21.3. 2022

Dear madam home ministers of the british parliament Mrs. Priti Patel!

To me it seems, that we are in the midst of a change affecting the entire earth. That’s why I dare to write to you from a completely different life situation. Sometimes it is easier to sense the eye of the needle on the horizon from a very distant situation than in the middle of the action, full of responsibilities and pressure to make decisions. And it can be that everyone gets to a point, where they have to make a major decision all by themselves and from scratch, can’t stick to history or constitutions. Since I think that you’ve come to this point, I would like to encourage you to take this step to dare to open a door that is earth shattering, affecting the whole world and the future of humanity.
Just as there are great physical energies such as atomic power, so there are huge moving forces in the humanistic political sphere. The question arises for us worldwide, how can we humans continue to live on earth and we all need attention and strength for this question. If we stick to the separating world view, with the image of opposition and enmity, we probably won’t make it. It seems that mankind can only do it together, measured against the size of the problem, but to find together we need a fair court, all people must be sure and trust that there is a judiciary for all the same, and which functions independently of any other interests or fears. But now in the very case of Julian Assange, it is not the case, and it is so obvious that the humblest citizen understands it and thus sees the state itself as his enemy. The mere fact that a person does not receive a fair trial is an erosion of the soil of the state, because the simple working population, which as a whole is also the state, falls into distrust and turns against the state. In addition, a simple citizen cannot even really understand why one can fall into such a punishment, when war crimes are uncovered, when the simple citizen knows anyway without any embellishment that war kills. it can only be understood by imagining criminal mafia rules. For simple ears it sounds simply bad and is reminiscent of the stories that cover up crimes so that the perpetrators are blameless and the misery ferments below. You could now set a sign that england is for a fair and functioning judiciary! You could send a signal worldwide, that everyone experiences a fair trial, that spreading the truth is important for every free democracy for a dignified life, you could now give the citizens confidence back in the state !It would be a worldwide signal and would point the way in the direction of open peace and deal with environmental problems!
Please do not allow Julian Assange’s extradition to happen!
I am writing to President Biden over and over again, that he please speak Julian Assange free for the world, for all of us. Just now every one knows, that we can’t tell other countries to use human rights and free press, because they can say, and you what did you do ? are you using human rights? We blame ourself, loose our respect and credibility.
How is it to proceed, if this case is lost, if Julian Assange is extradited?
Now the lower levels of a society are quiet, but a drop can suddenly churn seas and these are a great unstoppable force then.
And wouldn’t it open the door for worldwide opression of fear, systems of lies?
Please do everything in your power that this does not degenerate into a great crime of the powerful!
Do not extradite Julian Assange!
Please give him asylum! for the life of all people and all following generations!
For democrazy , and tie importend Free Press , the base of democrazy!

Written from the bottom of my heart,
from human being to human being,
as I myself wanted to write to myself when I come to such a difficult, serious, lonely decision,
may be who am I to write to you, …..I know…. but I thought here we are humans…..and one must always give his best….

with all my heart
all the best to you and a lot of strength
and a wise decision!

Yours sincerely