Brief an Präsident Biden April 2022

Dear Mr. President Biden!
10. 4. 2022
Trying again to meet you on a humanitarian level, where we are all equal, no matter what social level we are on. There is always the essential question we are asked „Who are you?“ and the question we can ask ourselves, who do I want to be? what do I want to live? and I hope that you really think of this question, because we often forget this question, we are almost compelled to forget it, in all the constraints that hit us from outside in the networks of rules to which we are subject and the demands, threats, what could should should, so that one is completely one’s own little screw in the huge gear can be overlooked and only as president, where things are obviously interwoven and a lot of far-reaching responsibility rests on a person, nothing weighs you down despite you being a human being faced with your own vital question in relation to human rights and jurisdiction, the case of Julian Assange seems to me very clear and understandable even for those, who shy away from such questions and often do not think they understand the connections in this case, however, it can be seen and understood by everyone.
Julian Assange was charged of a journalist act. He published warcrimes. and he doesn’t get the fair trial everyone deserves. Here I think everyone knows that this court had represents a giant step backwards into barbaric times. And you let it happen while at the same time preaching human rights and demanding a free press and accusing and condemning war crimes of others as unbearably crue. You also affirm, that it is correct how Assange is dealt with and that6 he received the heaviest punishment, that a human being can receive. Which, in the end, someone who thinks can never understand. Do you think one can believe your words? Than you must think, that people do not look at your actions. If Julian Assange dies in prison Belmarsh, you have murdered him, because you could have set him free, with one act, but you do or did nothing. To do nothing means murdering. And also particularly bad murder, because you’d rather wash your hands innocence, a sneaky way of killing. It was once taken away from the judge that he apparently acted according to the will of the common people, they wanted it, „I couldn’t do anything“, „where were you,“the question remains, „what did you do“, how small, unimportant, it ultimately says,- that „I couldn’t there?“
No one has done it and at the same time such a great injustice is happening and the act will one day stand before your life so bare. Because life always has this level for everyone. And on tis human level we have a free will. We often hide behind constraints. Non-action is an active action decision and actio. in this case to murder.
So wherever we are at the same time, we bear responsibility before life, the supreme innermost court, we can do a lot, whatever position we are at, the decision and the deed remain the same in their weight. „How do I want to stand in front of myself, in front of the innermost being?“ And in those places, we have to decide alone and carry our free will and there is no more weight even if one seems to be insignificant and that others seem to be of great importance that’s why we can’t ultimately judge others, because we don’t know, what issues they are in, but we are asked to help them to the best of our knowledge and I want to stand by, you since it seems to me that they are standing on just such a threshold.
Please acquit Assange! It weighed solely on you, since you have such power over it at the moment and it will have been your doing even if many have engineered it. Please free him immediately. What if he soon dies in captivity, tormented by all the torture? Then you let it happen, you are responsible for his death, apart from the fact that they neither saved the legal systems, nor gave free juralism nor the people of democracies hope, you will have opened the door to barbaric action in which they have allowed the court to disintegrate as a fair judiciary, by only wanting to apply human rights in relation to others, by allowing war crimes investigations to be subject to individual interests and power-political vanities, by making it impossible for journalists to work without severe existential pressure and threats to their lives to be able to, i.e. to open the door for dictatorships and undemocratic power constructions. Perhaps there seem to be more important decisions to be made.
But I think the basis and the rock on which everything rests, from which everything is influenced, is sometimes inconspicuous and yet it carries everything you only notice when this rock slips or breaks, nobody would have guessed how much rests on it. I think Julian Assange embodies such a rock, woe to us if he can no longer be here for them.
It would only be two words you have to say „Julian Assange is free!“ s
Speak these for yourself and for all of us and for Assange and his family and for the whole free democratic world, for the upheaval in a time when human rights apply above all equally to all be your role model, accept your failures and get up again and change and try a humanitarian fair way again!
the best to you
Karina Finkenau