Brief an Präsident Biden 2

Dear Mr. President Biden! Cologne, 9. 1. 2022

Again I turn to you, this morning when I woke up the thought stood before me, about the meaning of life according to the situation in which we humans are. You are a person, who has become president and you have a great responsibility, a great power, you can move this world immediately and visible.
Sometimes people in completely different circumstances see the situations, in which someone else is, in a much more summarized manner due to their complete distance, so to speak they are not too close and peeping over a wide plain from afar. Therefore I am writing to you again, because I myself would find it so very bad, if no one told me, if I were in your place, at what üoint I am and what I could decide.
Worldwide it is most important now to set an example for the power of human dignity. I very much ask you to turn to the Julian Assange case. What is happening to Julian Assange now is earth-shattering. We are at a fork in the world! And I hope so much that you see the chance that lies in it for you, for your life, your person, your human being. You can take powerful steps towards the implementation and value of human rights. Not many people ever have this chance, the chance you have even not they are in a same position. there things are coming together ,the centurary and all that what is going on.
All the forces that are now suppressed, imprisoned, abused, disabled and symbolized in the figure, the person Julian Assange, who is being tortured to death, are precisely the forces that we lack to save life for humanity. It is precisely these forces that keep us from falling back into barbarism and dictatorships. These forces that we are killing now, would lead us to a new level of humanity, that we have to attain in order to save our lives, to make our survival on earth possible!
You are the President who really can change the era. who can make a new era come!and all circumstances do their job to make the important change possible!
A big part is the understanding that the exercise of power based on lies and violence is finite and stands in the way of the salvation of human life on earth, totally preventing it.
If you set Julian Assange free it would send such a powerful sign and release so much life-affirming energies, that we would, for the first time gain the strength to face the great problems of our time, such as pandemics, climate disasters and wars. We would be autonomously on the future-oriented side. Just think, you are standing on such a button! It would be a powerful „nuclear“- peace- and freedom- and healing – „bomb“! You don’t need weapons, no blood, only three words: „Julian Assange is free!“ Please think about it quickly! There is only as long as Julian Assange survives! Please do it! For yourself and us and the world! This deed will change all world political deeds to make them worth living down to the lowest levels! With all my heart, PLEASE!
Please take your chance to become a conqueror, unforgettable president for the whole world, and to open up a saving path for mankind to a free, democratic world, that realizes human rights. Ponder, should we not manage to keep Julian Assange julian assange alive, humanity will tip over into barbarism, violent wars and dictatorships, and in their demise, because then we will not be able to save the climate and fight the pandemics. I believe that being able to make such a decision is unique and you alone have this chance to turn the tide for everyone!
please! choose the truth and the peace and freedom of the people and the love for earth and for life on it
Please set a sign FREE JULIAN ASSANGE !
You’re welcome Sincerely
Karina Finkenau