Brief an Präsident Biden 1

Germany 20.11.2021

Dear Mr Präsident Biden!

Today I will ask you to read my heart concern out of the wish that this earth with humanity will survive,
and that the mankind will be able to live their talented sides.
What may one person like me do for the world? I want so much to give my best deep out of my heart!
Till today I thought it is good to do the best in the own enviremont, in the place and circumstances where one lives. But now the feeling grows, that I have to try more! Therefor I just start in my very little room to write a letter to you. I really hope so much that this letter is able to find to you, and just like a feather, he should fall in your so bussy time, between your so many hard work you have to do, to handle and think about, to decide!
I can’t imagine how you can carry all that responsibility you have and how you can stand all this work. But my little drop, my little nearly unvisible feather, my little sound sent in the sky, must be sent. The world and the whole mankind is in such difficult, dangerous and serious Circumstances, so much Questiones, so much to do to change, to hope, to carry, and we must take our fear of change and dare courage, and trust in new ways we cannot imagine or know and we must decide to believe in the good in people and being faithful to this hope. I think if our people society, if one imagine the mankinds society as a building, I think there would be three big carrying columns important in this time of necessary change for the mankind to survive, one column the envirement (nature,clima, climachange), the second, the human rights, one mankind family sitting in the same boat, the prerequisite for that is -basic income for everyone- and the third column is the law. These three things together are so very carrying and important and health bringing to all.
And now I have the big, big fear that the column of the Law will be distroyed!
Who, like me, should understand that a person, who told about war crimes, did something bad and wrong, and why should it be a secret? I myself thought, (didn`t knowing much about politics), that there sure must be crimes in war, even if I nobody tells them. So it sounds not so very new and exciting , if someone tells about warcrimes, about murder. and crime. Each one of the little society people, someone who has to give children to the war knows that there will be horrible crime and so many innocent people will be killed and die anyway, so that I first can’t understand why it is so bad to tell about it? Yes, I know there are special things in the cases of war between countries and and there are secrets and and…
……..but what I understand now deeply,
that the Law is not for everyone the same and that there will be no fair trail for everyone. For some humans it will be different. And if the Law collapses with the interests of some people it can be used different. That hurts to see! — That the fair trail can be stopped by interests, by some goverments, by countries, Law should be over all. And a big fear that the mankind will go back in times without law, without fair used law for everyone, brakes my heart!
I think that you, as the Präsident and as so an imprtant man for the whole world, you could help the whole world not to fall backwards in horrible times, without law, without fair trails for everyone!
Most people of the world don’t understand why this man, Julian Assange, is treated in this unfair and horrible way… and I think the world is also carried and made by the small little people, the many small little parents and workers, and it is a bad thing to forget them and to underestimate them and to brake there believe in the Law and the will to live with the law and to recognize the law.
The law is such a worthfull achievement of humanity, that we have to do every thing to keep the trust in it. I need trying to tell you about the thoughts of people, because my heart burns in sorrow. No one can really understand the way he is punished and why.
I wish you will release Julian Assange and set an example,
that it is the most important thing, to keep the law and to give fair trail and to safe the law for humanity. This behavior now in the case of Julian Assange is setting an example and shows a crime against all of humanity, against the whole human world because it is against the Law.
And therefor I am so sorry for you, if you don’t take your important part to stop it. Sometimes for each of us opens a window. And than, we remember that we ourself are a human being, that has a choice and has a responsability also for oneself. Most times we are in big bussiness, in struggeling machines and have to do what we are told, what we should do and how it has to be….. .But in this case there is a possibility for you and for the world. You will give a sign to all leaders that it is to set end to all decisions to all handlings when the law is not safe and used. It would be a stopp for all and a Yes to just humanity. And I think it will be the first step to overcome the so dangerous situation of the world and it would be the first sign for all, that we can make it, and that we will get the power for all the other big things and problems we have to live and we have to change! It will give all humantity the braveness and the will to carry on and the power and the faith to survive for the mankind and the nature! we than can understand that there is some right and the good will be stronger.
In the hope that this shout (I think of the picture from Munch) of one little person in no special position and profession will reach you as a sign of a thought that deeply beats on the ground of society.
Thank you for your time!
For the reading of my letter!
The best to you!
(I am sorry that my english is not that good,and I couldn`t wait and was to afraid to ask someone to translate, and maybe laugh about my wish to sent it to you)
with all of my heart
Karina Finkenau